Friday, December 19, 2014

I feel like ranting.

Some rants here and there in this post. 

Honestly i dont get it. 

I know you support *insert any entity here* in every single thing they do but you have to think about others as well. There's no use of supporting of all cause but you're blinding yourself from reality. A little consideration wouldnt hurt you, reality shall slap you hard. 

I dont get it, why can people be so inconsiderate? Ignorance IS bliss.... 

Its not like when someone disagrees with have to put all your strength to push that someone down till they sort off bow down to you. 

The best thing to do is to simply ignore. Yup. It'll end up everything and leave them to actually think hopefully. Unless their ego is too high to crash down their own conscience. Ok whatever. 

Im reading this cool book entitled "a world without islam" 

And fun tip; dont talk abt politics publicly. Esp when it opposes the public's idea of liberalisation. You'll be feeling like ranting the whole day or week or month. 

Freedom of speech never existed. 

Update : whenever i reread this i feel so immature . 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


It had been a while since i've blogged.

Hey i'm up to a story to be told inshaaAllah.

Btw, it was a miserable week full of benefits. Seriously, i'm not lying.

The rollercoaster of emotions is just like W-O-W.

i'm gonna update soon, still in the drafts.

it's gonna be a love story perhaps. I'll be updating when things get better.

Pretty much summing up my week :-

Stressed. Sad. Depressed. Happy. Content. Frustrated. Pleased. Grateful. Trying.

Teaches me a lot of things tho.

much love x


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Im just embarrassed

Sometimes, i feel so embarrassed of myself. I feel so lame and childish and i regret some decisions i've made. Like i shoudnt have done that you know. And did i tell you that i have a new twitter account? Yeah do follow me alright 

So i do have a tumblr blog too, cause im so fascinated with all those pretty pictures. Im so excited lol. Spm results is tomorrow, im sooooooooo nervous like omg its like i determines my future like mostly based on it , hahaha welcome to malaysia. Anyways i dont know what to share, blame me for having such a not interesting blog haha love u guys . I'll try to be inspired soon! Ciao!

Friday, March 7, 2014

I was a cute kid.

I wanna thank my mum for dressing me up so cute when i was a kid hahaha well sekarang ni dah besar akil baligh tak boleh nak dress macam kecik kecik dulu haha. 

Sebab perempuan islam wajib berhijab once dia dah akil baligh. Well that is what i know lah. 

So here is a picture of my fat cat, tomey 

Tak malu kan? Dia sibuk buat comel , sitting on the dining table. So cute and so geram lah rasa nak peluk peluk je dia . 

And this is fatty bombom; 

Haaha he was in the mood of golek golek, so cuute right? 

So whatever is happening right now on twitter and everything, about the fitnaa and sodomy stuff. Well im being neutral here not trying to influence you guys or anything...

Well we all know which is wrong and right, we know about this current issue. But i find it so childish to argue over it on twitter. Cause its not going to change anything by that. Right? 

Okie dokie shall update soon since i've downloaded the blogger app on my phoneee yeay! 

My laptop rosak :( 

imansyafiqah :) 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Cookie doughs and chocolate ecstasy

Assalamualaikum wbt. ,

So after so long, I finally had the urge to update my blog. yeay~

It was a brilliant week, I actually drove a car for the first time ever in my life. It's fantastic! Hahahah.
I actually had failed my first KPP exam stuff cause I didnt read a thing! And retook the KPP stuff again and alhamdulillah passed with flying colours hahaha , flying colours lah jugak.

I've been doing a lot of reading, quite intense actually cause I've been so curious about so many things in the world. Anyways, life is pretty boring at home, nothing much to do besides doing the house chores again and again , watching TV and go online...

My twitter 's timeline is soooooooo boring, so is Facebook and everything of its kind.

Nothing much to tell.


the lazy Iman.

Thursday, February 13, 2014



So after a loooooooooong while for not updating my blog. So now I'm back, and of course blabbing about my life.

Well, I kinda backed out a lil bit from social networking sites, well I still tweet and update my facebook and all but not as often. Well why?

Because I have other things to do besides tweeting 24/7 like before. You know, making use of the energy within me, making myself somehow, a better person and all. Obviously on my way to have a healthier lifestyle ( not really I bake a lot... so I eat a lot of cakes ). And I just started doing yoga and some pilates! Yeay me!

Nowadays, I am somehow somewhat so emotional and hormonal, I am like "I wanna get married pls pls pls" Lol amenda lah, masuk university pun belum. Speaking of tertiary education, I'm so nervous for the upcoming days, the SPM results day is around the corner. Pray for me alright? Thank you :)

So my friends and I decided to make an online fitness health shop where we'll be selling amazing products. For those who REALLY REALLY nak kuruskan badan ( serious buyer okay ), do visit our facebook page. . We'll be selling more stuff soon!

And did I mention that I finally have my OWN phone? Yeap, its amazing, now I can selfie as much well I dont have to upload them right?


Allah bless all of you! And surely in shaa Allah, I'll update more ( and as often as I could ).

Iman Syafiqah

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A little bit of Sincerity.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Okay serious talk here, cuma nak luahkan perasaan sikit dekat sini. Cause kalau nak buat dekat twitter, 140 characters are so little, and facebook is just too public.

Sometimes, tbh, there were feelings of tak puas hati and all kat rumah. Cause since dah habis spm and all, its true that I have barely anything to do, and my family knows it. Everyone does. Thats what its like when you're at home, finished school, nothing to be studied, no homeworks just a bunch house chores. Unless you're working. So I thought this would be the best phase of my life stage. I could've done so many things at home, accomplish lots of things by myself, and have a superbly productive day.

And I thought to myself, "I'll do it after umrah when everything's settled"

and so I did.

The point is. I didnt feel appreciated or acknowledged. I do so much, well to me, I think it's a huge accomplishment. Because before school ends, I'm so busy procrastinating, delaying my homeworks, and still I did my homeworks and finished them on time. But I neglect my house duties. Well, I still do my dishes, yang common and patut patut la. I got truckloads of naggings and everything for that.

I know what I did was wrong, neglecting. I regretted myself for procrastinating. But... what had passed is the past right?

Back to the point, I did quite a great job for my room and the kitchen. But everyday I had to reorganize it and all. I mean, cant you put it back at its place after you do it. Okay whatever, I have this allergy to see unorganized things even the details. I mean, I am so obsessed with perfection and all.

So, I get mad seeing those things. So put that aside.

The thing is, I just dont get it.
At home, cooperation is very important to maintain the family bond. Really.

Btw I'm not writing this about my family, this is just what i think generally.

1. The kids cant depend on their mother to do everything.
2. The dad cant expect the mother to do everything.
3. The mom cant expect the daughters to do everything.
4. The boys cant expect the girls to do everything.

It should be fair and square dont you think? Like everybody has their share of duties in the house.
It's just I see whatever is happening around me, house chores have to be done by the girls. I mean, it's so sexist. I've never read any rules saying girls should do house duties more than guys.

And when you do those duties, you have to be sincere with what you're doing.
And when you have the sincerity, satisfaction would come to you.

Dont make it stressful. And dont be so dependent on others. And dont expect too much cause you'll be disappointed.

sincerely and from the heart;
Iman Syafiqah.