Friday, December 19, 2014

I feel like ranting.

Some rants here and there in this post. 

Honestly i dont get it. 

I know you support *insert any entity here* in every single thing they do but you have to think about others as well. There's no use of supporting of all cause but you're blinding yourself from reality. A little consideration wouldnt hurt you, reality shall slap you hard. 

I dont get it, why can people be so inconsiderate? Ignorance IS bliss.... 

Its not like when someone disagrees with have to put all your strength to push that someone down till they sort off bow down to you. 

The best thing to do is to simply ignore. Yup. It'll end up everything and leave them to actually think hopefully. Unless their ego is too high to crash down their own conscience. Ok whatever. 

Im reading this cool book entitled "a world without islam" 

And fun tip; dont talk abt politics publicly. Esp when it opposes the public's idea of liberalisation. You'll be feeling like ranting the whole day or week or month. 

Freedom of speech never existed. 

Update : whenever i reread this i feel so immature . 

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